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Language barriers: US mission launches Urdu websites

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KARACHI: The United States mission’s Urdu language websites were launched by US ambassador to Pakistan, Richard Olson, during his visit to Karachi on Tuesday. “We now have comprehensive Urdu-language web sites at the embassy in Islamabad as well as our three consulates in Lahore, Peshawar and Karachi,” said Ambassador Olson. Recognising the importance of providing […]

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Protect journalists to secure democracy: US

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WASHINGTON: A democracy cannot function if it fails to protect journalists, said the US State Department while condemning the attack on a Pakistani television anchor, Hamid Mir. In a separate statement, the Committee to Protect Journalists said that it’s alarmed by the continuing violence directed at journalists in Pakistan. Also, in a joint resolution, Washington-based […]

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US deplores increasing attacks on journalists

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ISLAMABAD: US Ambassador Richard Olson Tuesday met with a group of nine American journalists from the East-West Centre’s Pakistan-US Journalists Exchange programme. According to a statement of the US embassy, Olson discussed issues of press freedom and dangers to journalists in Pakistan. In his remarks to the group, Ambassador Olson said, “We are alarmed and […]

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Journalists told not to ask questions about drone attack

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ISLAMABAD: US diplomats on Thursday asked Pakistani media persons not to ask any question about the latest drone attack in a settled area of Pakistan when they saw Ambassador Richard Olson who answered questions about every other subject. “US embassy desires that journalists not ask questions on political and security fronts and focus only on […]

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United States support vibrant, free media in Pakistan: Olson

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United States Ambassador in Pakistan Richard Olson has said that the US government strongly supports a vibrant and independent media in Pakistan to provide factual information to the people for holding their government accountable. “I want to make it very clear that the US government strongly support your efforts to provide the people of Pakistan […]

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