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13 envoys visit Moenjodaro

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LARKANA: Ambassadors of 13 countries and high commissioners (HCs) along with their families visited Moenjodaro on Sunday in a delegation. Officials of India, Japan, Russia, Germany, Austria, Sri Lanka, Australia, Argentina, Portugal, Afghanistan and other countries accompanied Sharmila Farooqi, adviser to the chief minister on culture, at the site. They went round the giant archaeological […]

Causes leading to Moenjodaro destruction highlighted

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LARKANA: Speakers at a seminar titled ‘Moenjodaro’ underlined various aspects of the ancient archaeological site covering the Indus civilisation, construction work, myth about the mound, museum, excavated artefacts, present day state of the ruins and the causes leading to the destruction of the ‘city of dead’. The Larkano District Historical Society (LDHS) held the seminar […]

Trust formed to protect Sindh’s ancient sites: Bakhtawar

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THATTA: Bakhtawar Bhutto Zardari on Saturday announced the establishment of ‘Sindhu Heritage Trust’ to raise funds to protect the Moenjodaro and other historic sites of the province. “Climate change and environmental factors pose the biggest threats to this ancient site,” said Bakhtawer, the younger sibling of PPP chairperson while speaking at the closing ceremony of […]

Unesco was against holding ceremony at Moenjodaro

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ISLAMABAD: The Sindh Cultural Festival took off amid dazzling lights, but the din continues that it threatens Moenjodaro, the inaugural place of the festival listed with the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (Unesco) as a world heritage site. About a week before the launch of the two-week festival at Moenjodaro on Friday, the […]

Silence returns to Moenjodaro

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LARKANA: Silence — the hallmark of Mound of the Dead — returned to Moenjodaro on Sunday after a few days of hectic activity for the fanfare organised as an international event a day earlier when the ruins bathed in colourful lights and reverberated with dance, music and other enthralling performances by artistes. The event — […]

Festival for peace

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THE incongruities that exist in Pakistan would be fascinating had they not highlighted serious divisions and issues. Consider, for example, the fact that at the Sindh festival that kicked off in Moenjodaro on Saturday, security arrangements saw 2,000 policemen guarding some 500 guests. Although interior Sindh has not been as affected by militancy as many […]

Sindh festival 2014: Sindhi artisans craft their way into Karachi’s heart

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By: Sameer Mandhro KARACHI: Meet Sindh’s incredible craftswomen, who make colourful pieces for you and your home. From traditional Sindhi quilts to exquisitely handcrafted bed sheets, this is the first time that their work has been displayed on such a scale and their happiness at the exposure knew no bounds at the opening of the […]

19 countries envoys visit Moenjodaro

LARKANA: A delegation of high commissioners and other diplomats of 19 countries based in Pakistan led by H.E. Rodolfo Martin Saravia, the ambassador of Argentina, visited Moenjodaro on Wednesday. They went round the Stupa, DK-area and visited the museum. Diplomats from France, Japan, Canada, the Maldives, Malaysia, Indonesia, Switzerland, Nepal, Bangladesh and other countries were […]

Moenjodaro: same ruins, two versions

By: ZAFFAR JUNEJO RECENTLY I visited Moenjodaro along with my family, one of the world’s heritage sites. The visit was a nightmare in terms of a choatic parking place, unhygienic eating outlets, and uncleaned toilets. But I am restricting myself not to comment on the environment of the site. However, I intend to share an […]