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Media imperialism in Pakistan

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Media in Pakistan was fettered by successive repressive regimes but in 1989, Benazir Bhutto freed the Print media while in 2002, ironically a military dictator General Pervez Musharraf provided relief by permitting the establishment of private TV and FM Radio channels. In the past twelve years the electronic media has grown at an exponential rate […]

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Media Black Holes

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For some places to get any attention, people have to die. In Balochistan, mere death is not good enough, people have to die in large numbers, better still, die due to a natural calamity since natural disasters seem to be politically neutral. As Awaran was struck by one of the most horrific earthquakes of recent […]

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‘Media should raise awareness of counterfeit, fake products’

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ISLAMABAD: Minister for Information and Broadcasting Senator Pervez Rasheed on Wednesday said media had not played its due role in raising awareness of counterfeit, fake and infringed products. “Media can play pivotal role in raising awareness of the menace of counterfeiting and piracy affecting the rights of consumers and investors,” the minister said, adding that […]

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Will Jeff Bezos reshape the world of print?

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It is yet to be seen if Bezos can turn around the fate of The Washington Post because his acquisition comes at a time when the global print industry is in the doldrums It has been tough going for print media enterprises in the era of rising inflation, high printing costs and changing reading habits, […]

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