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Media and the resilient truth

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THE current predicament of two TV personalities in the US underscores how the media as well as perceptions of it are changing among many viewers — even among the media’s own practitioners. Prime time TV anchor Brian Williams is currently serving out a six-month suspension from NBC for wrongly claiming he was in a helicopter […]

Trained war correspondents

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Pakistan has been at war now for almost 35 years at a stretch. It all began with the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan around 1979-80. A call went around the so-called Islamic world for recruits for jihad against the infidel Soviets. Our religio-political parties, led by the Jamaat-e-Islami and the Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam, not only answered this […]

Social media revolution

THIS is apropos of Hajra Mumtaz’s ‘Social media pitfalls’ (March 11). The writer has only brought to light the shortcomings of the social media and has overlooked its achievements. This gives an uneven image of the case. We all have recently witnessed how the social media could be proved useful for accelerating a cause. In […]