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Cybercrimes bill unlikely to pass Senate test

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ISLAMABAD: The government’s proposed cybercrime legislation has met a stumbling block in the opposition-dominated upper house of parliament. Senate Chairman Raza Rabbani has vaguely told the government the controversial bill will not be passed unless it is made acceptable to all stakeholders. Expressing reservations over the ‘very controversial’ draft of the Prevention of Electronic Crimes […]

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Cyber lawlessness

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The much debated Prevention of Electronic Crimes Bill 2015 has caused serious concerns amongst individuals and businesses alike. The Bill has been termed draconian, prejudicial, etc. My reading of it (which is taken from media networks) shows there are serious legal flaws that must be remedied before the Bill is promulgated. While in the modern […]

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Cybercrime legislation

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IT has been done before, and the state seems to be in danger of doing it again: crafting laws that appear to increase citizens’ freedoms and strengthen law and order, but contain mischief-making provisions or caveats that achieve, quite often, the contrary. The new compendium of laws that the government is set to present before […]

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