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Punjab’s war on child labour

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A society’s moral health is gauged by the kind of treatment it metes out to its women, the elderly and children. Children form the most vulnerable group, most likely to be exposed to exploitation and abuse. Children are the architects of the future and thus their physical, emotional, and psychological welfare should be on the […]

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Girl gang-raped during abduction

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Israr Ahmad A case in this regard was registered with PS Airport on March 26, 2013. The area magistrate of Civil Lines Circle Qaiser Hussain Marl recorded the statement of the victim girl namely Safia Bibi, daughter of Muhammad Maqbool, a poor taxi driver and residing in Dhoke Munshi, under section 164. In her statement, […]

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Girl gang raped, woman molested separately

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HAFIZABAD – A 13-year-old daughter of a poor worker of Dhunni village and a young woman in Bijli Mohallah Hafizabad were allegedly raped here the other night. According to Abdul Jabbar, father of victim, his young daughter Farzana was abducted by four accused including Shafique, Ghulam Abbas, Muhammad Ishaq and Esa at gunpoint and they […]

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Protecting women from domestic abuse

By: Samira Shackle Last week, I visited the Acid Survivors Foundation in Islamabad. Acid attacks, in which acid or other corrosive substances are thrown at someone, with the intent to disfigure, are a particularly brutal form of gender-based violence. And it is, on the whole, gender based. While men are occasionally attacked, the vast majority […]

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