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Media sensitised on displaced people’s woes

PESHAWAR: The United Rural Development organization (URDO), a Peshawar-based Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) working for the betterment of internally displaced people of FATA, has conducted a media-training programme for the uprooted families aimed to provide them access to project their issues in media.

The project was focused on improving the capacity building of the displaced male and female students in camps and off camp through innovative media learning techniques.

The initiative ‘Supporting progressive media voices in Pakistan’ was aimed at focusing on new media tools along with the use of media and cultural activities for peace building, tolerance and social harmony.

The project was designed for 300 potential uprooted youth between the age of 16 to 24 who were identified through a process at Jalozai camp and host communities in Peshawar. In the first phase, around 70 youth were imparted training on polishing photography and audio story telling skills for print and electronic media.

This will enable them in telling stories about themselves and their communities besides highlighting the burning issues and problems of their areas. The trainees will learn the method of adopting a documentary approach in video-graphy, audio storytelling and photography that will help the youngsters in producing worthy media products about their lives.

Each participant of various workshops will produce a piece of work individually or in a group. Executive Director of URDO Zaheer Khattak, while explaining the project, said that valuable time of most of the youngsters is wasted at the camps or off-camps who were waiting for a miracle to happen that can take them back home.

He said that their early return to their hometowns is need of the hour but with a change in their lives to the point that they could not go back in the prevailing circumstances where their future is uncertain.

The need of the hour is to equip them with some skills so that they could ensure livelihood for their family members in a dignified manner.

Trainer Rafiullah said that the move would help pave the way to prevent the youth from immoral activities and make them useful citizens of the society. “The new skills will bring a positive change in their socioeconomic sphere in the long run for the betterment and welfare of the people,” he added.

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