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CDM condemns attack on Senior journalist

The Chitral Development Movement (CDM) strongly condemns the attack on senior journalist Gul Hamaad Farooqi during his coverage of substandard construction by Umar Jan Company on the Chitral Booni Shandor Road.

At a press conference organized by CDM at Chitral Press Club, Chairman Waqqas Ahmad Advocate and community leaders expressed outrage at the poor quality of work. Witnesses claim that the contractor company is illegally subcontracting crucial aspects, resulting in deteriorating protective walls even before handing over to NHA.

CDM leaders called for accountability, demanding action against the company and emphasizing the need for an honest consultant to oversee the project. They underscored the urgency for intervention by higher authorities and also urged the company owner, to personally oversee the road construction and ensure adherence to NHA standards.

Source: Pakistan Observer

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