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Women asked to exercise right to vote

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PESHAWAR: Being an integral part of society, women shoulder great responsibilities in bringing to the fore real leadership for the country by exercising their right to vote, said Maulana Jehanzeb of the National Research and Development Foundation (NRDF) on Sunday.

Addressing a press conference here, he said consultation of women in the day-to-day affairs and seeking their advice is according to the Islamic injunctions. “Islam does not bar women from taking part in the state and governance affairs and Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) always gave weight to the advice of women,” he argued. Giving the examples of Hazrat Khadija, Hazrat Ayesha and others, the Maulana said they had taken active part in the state affairs and offered suggestions, which were accommodated. He said the Ulema in Pakistan, including Mufti Taqqi Usmani, have supported women’s participation in voting.

He appealed the women to exercise their right to vote and cast their votes so that honest and fair leadership could be elected in the upcoming polls. Flanked by Maulana Azizullah, Maulana Jehanzeb said that under the platform of NRDF, they have launched an awareness campaign about women’s participation in voting.

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