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To ban or not to ban


Karachi: THIS is apropos of the letter “Violent movies: Pemra’s role” (July 22).

Such mental agony has become a routine for every Pakistani. Should Pemra also restrict violence which is played on TV news channels?

I tend to disagree with the writer on a few points.

Most channels like HBO are avoiding such display of violent movies, but there are some channels which are not doing so, and we cannot, therefore, blame all channels for doing it.

Pemra should not ban such movies. It should just censor violent scenes. Every movie contains some message which may become a reason for awareness of people or provide some historical account of an old civilization.

For example, the film ‘Brave heart’ or ‘The Gladiator’ also showed violence and bloodshed. These movies tell about the old days of history so they can’t be banned. The scenes, however, containing violence should be censored.

All channels can’t run documentaries all the time for people. Besides, even documentaries contain violent scenes. What should then Pemra ban and not ban?