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No Press advice, says Information Ministry

ISLAMABAD- A spokes man of the Ministry of information and Media development has expressed surprise at the contents of a Press release issued by the Council of Pakistan Newspaper Editors (CPNE) alleging issuance of Press advice from the Government.

Commenting on the CPNE Press release, the spokesman said that the Ministry of Information and Media Development was pursuing the policy guidelines of the Chief Executive in letter and spirit, which envisage complete freedom of the Press Since October 12, 1999, the Information Ministry has issued no Press advice, the spokesman said.

The Press-Government relations, he said, had been extremely healthy and cordial with the government demonstrating the greatest respect for the rights of the journalists’ editors and publishers. ‘Occasional difference of opinion notwithstanding the Press today has acted with a sense of responsibility and the criticism, if any, has been taken by the government in a spirit of understanding and tolerance.’ the spokesman reiterated.

‘No discriminatory treatment was ever meted out by the Information Ministry against any newspaper or its management, irrespective of the publication of favorable or hostile news and views with regard to the government’s performance,’ and it was for this reason the spokesman said neither the APNS (All Pakistan Newspapers Society) nor the CPNE (Council of Pakistan Newspaper Editors) has ever sent any communication to the Ministry of Information regarding any Press advice.

Even during frequent formal and informal meetings, these bodies have always acknowledged the government’s policy of full freedom to the Press in Pakistan. He reiterated the resolve of the present government to maintain the existing healthy relationship with the Press and ensure its complete freedom.

Source: The Nation