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Media urged to portray positive picture of country

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LAHORE: THE image of Pakistan could not be improved with economic betterment of the country while Pakistani media should also portray positive picture of the country.

These views were expressed by the speakers in Jang Economic Session on ‘how to improve image and economic development of Pakistan’. The panellists were Dr Hafeez-ur-Rehman, Hussain Ahmed Sherazi, Irfan Qaiser, Saad Akbar, Mehmood Ahmed, Malik Shahzad and Farah Naz while hosted by Sikandar Hameed Lodhi. Dr Hafeez-ur-Rehman said Pakistan had been lacking in continuity of the policies but now the time had come for the continuity of the policies for the economic development. He believed that problems could not be resolved with short-term policies but with long-term development policies. He said change in attitude was crucial for improving the country’s image.

Hussain Ahmed Sherazi said collective thought was the need of the hour for Pakistan’s economic development. He called for national approach towards all issues for economic betterment and improvement of Pakistan’s image at world level. He said end of unorganised policies and making comprehensive economic policies were vital for improving the Pakistan’s image.

Irfan Qaiser said Pakistan’s image improved under the new elected government which was a good omen for economy. He said the government had been paving the way for foreign investment. He said good start had taken by the government economic revival. He said the construction of mega hydel dams was crucial which would benefit the public of all the four provinces. He said privatisation of the loss making entity was a good decision while increase in tax to the GDP ratio was also important for the country’s development.

Saad Akbar said the energy crisis should be resolved by constructing mega water reservoirs and hydel generation projects. He said if the government ignored it, then after energy, food security would become a threat to the country in the coming years. He said growing corruption had damaged Pakistan’s image in the world which needed to be eradicated.

Mehmood Ahmed said hypocrisy was at its peak in Pakistan and everyone was looking towards its individual gains. He called for equal and better education system for the economic betterment of Pakistan. He said foreign investors should be given assurance to its investment to improve the country’s image globally.

Malik Shahzad said the media should play its vital role positively for creating the positive image of the country. He said that foreign investors were reluctant to visit Pakistan due to the negative image posted by the international media about Pakistan. Farah Naz said there was a need to take steps for improvement in Pakistan’s image in the global village. She called for improvement in the judicial system and ensured equal justice without any discrimination of class.

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