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Media can play role in prevention of heart diseases

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KARACHI: National and international media could play vital role in the emerging risks for heart diseases scenario.

Speakers at ‘Cardio Con 2014’ about ‘Creating Hearty Healthy Environment’ stressed the media to enhance its role in the public awareness about heart-related diseases.

Speaking at 23rd annual conference organised by of Pakistan Cardiac Society, Dr Arslan Ahmed from National Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases (NICVD) said both national and international media focused too much on politics, citing the example of recently held long march in Islamabad where everyone stuck to TV. He said media should also focus on the health related issues, as politics was not everything.

Take an example of how media could make the difference and leave positive impact. Few years back, the ratio of the developed countries was higher than developing countries in terms of smoking, said Dr Arsalan. In few years time in developed countries the smoking has lessened due to the anti-smoking advertisements. “By lessening the smoking habit and controlling the diabetes we can reduce the heart-related diseases,” he added., like few programmes are being aired on TV, he said. Dr Arsalan said health issues should get its due share on media airtime so public awareness could be enhanced about the important topics.

Dow University of Health Sciences Dr Beenish said reasons for child obesity were mainly children staying at home, not going for outing, reduction of cycling cases, gluing in front of TV screens or computers monitors and video games. “Because of these factors today parks remain empty with no family visiting.

There is strong need of the hour to change the life style of children,” said Beenish. Emphasising parents go to walk with their children, as it not only motivates children but also give them sense of security; parents should formulate a diet plan for their children, she added.

Dr Muhammad Kashif Shaikh talked about increasing the risk of coronary heart disease through smoking. “Tobacco products are without question the greatest weapons of mass destruction. A smoker not only commits suicide for himself but also involves in homicide for others. Through passive smoking, kids get more effected,” said Dr Kashif. Warning about consequences of smoking, he said it caused economical loss, loss of health and psychological disorders. According to him, today one third of world’s population is involved in smoking – among them more than one billion are male. Every cigarette a man smokes reduces his life by 11 minutes. Today approximately one person dies every six seconds due to tobacco but by year 2020 the death ratio would be doubled, he said. Smoking habit is developed mainly because of the person’s company.

Dr Khalida Soomro, Professor Khawar Kazmi, Dr Syedah Saira Bokhari, Abdul Wahab and others also spoke on the occasion.

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