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Media the mirror of society

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Sir: A Canadian communication scholar Marshall McLuhan coined the term “global village” in which he said a robust and vigorous media have made the world a globalised village. Media plays a pivotal role in liberating and uniting people as well as societies. When we are operating computers, watching television, listening to radio and reading printed materials at our home, we are informed about what is going on internationally. While sitting in a room we are visiting the world, because media is considered a ‘mirror’, but the kind of mirror through which we can see the happenings, occurrences and events of the entire world. The media plays a crucial role in both determining time and place.

Within one day we know what’s happening almost anywhere and the occurrences of the world. That is the exclusive role of the media. Sometime ago people were distant from each other in terms of location, place, nationality, and so on. But like McLuhan said, media have gathered them in a single room. Media has diminished their separation and individuality.


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