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Media monopoly not to be allowed

ISLAMABAD- An independent authority being set up in Pakistan to regulate privatisation of electronic media would ensure that no media monopoly is created in the country, Javed Jabbar, Media Adviser to the Chief Executive said while talking to newsmen. Jabbar said the authority comprising people of integrity and competence would issue licenses for launching private TV networks. It will ensure that media power is not concentrate in one hand. At the same time ownership of a newspaper would not be a disqualification for anybody to launch a private TV network.

The media adviser said that Musharraf government is pursuing a concerted policy to allow press freedom. It has welcomed dissent and criticism. It has also refrained from controlling flow of information. It wants to, ensure economic freedom to the press so that it does not accept undue government pressures through use of levers like official advertisement and newsprint.

The government released Rs. 17.5 crores to clear pending bills owed by it to newspapers for official advertisement. The adviser acknowledged that Pakistan has suffered set backs in its global image which is a cause for concern.

The government is trying to revamp the external publicity for better projection abroad. But, the mere media projection would not improve the image. During interaction with officials, the media and opinion makers in the influential thinks in the United States, he has tried to remove such misconceptions, which, he acknowledged, have received worldwide attention as realities.

Jabbar corrected an impression that he has been pleading complete abolition of ministry of information. He said he believes that the ministry should be a facilitator for the Press instead of a controlling authority.

Source: The Nation