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‘Manifestos without economic revival plan’

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LAHORE: THE political parties did not take any practical step to end social and economic deprivation of women but make huge claims in their economic manifestos while no party has given imposition of new tax and economic growth plan.

These views were expressed by experts in Jang Economic Session on ‘Women observations on political parties’ election slogans’. The panellists were Director Pakistan Study Centre Dr Mussarat Abid, Economist Dr Nadia Tahir, Gynaecologist Dr Iffat Cheema, Assistant Governor Rotary Club Shaheen Ahmed, Asma Rehman and Nazli Javeed while hosted by Sikandar Hameed Lodhi and Intikhab Tariq.

Dr Mussarat Abid said the PPP announced to further extend BISP and increase female quotas in job by 20 per cent while PML-N had promised to give rights to women in accordance with Islam but suggestions were given to increase the role of women in legislation. She said women did not have right to vote in some areas and no right in inheritance property.

Dr Nadia Tahir said that increase in growth and imposition of new taxes was necessary to increase GDP but no political party had talked about it. She opined that within increasing GDP, increase in education and health budget possible due to which whole population, including female will suffer.

She believed that women could not be satisfied by allotting 20 per cent quota in employment while no political party had given suggestion to end women exploitation. She said no party had focused female votes and maintained the status quo of ignoring the females.

Dr Iffat Cheema said that political parties made claims in manifestos but implementations on these promises were real challenge. She said school facilities for girl students were still missing in Pakistan while in some areas strong opposition of girls’ education was continued. She said the political parties should create awareness for girls’ education for bringing change.

Shaheen Ahmed said participation of the neglected segment of women in legalisation was very little so how the change was possible in women’s life. She said political parties thought women a big problem which was major part of population. She said girls’ education was more important than boys’ education but no political party had given importance in their manifestos.

Asma Rehman said political parties were unaware of their manifestos while those claiming change should give tickets to women on general seats but opposition of women continued. She said implementation of equal rights for women was a must for bringing about change and real democracy in the country. Nazli Javeed said men were ruling the political parties due to which women representation in parliament was very little. She said Election Commission of Pakistan had imposed condition of casting 10 per cent of women votes in every electoral area but political parties were not taking steps to resolve women issues.

Source: Dawn

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