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Humour termed literary tool for social reforms

KARACHI, Aug 10: If the new generation were inculcated with wit, humour and recreational literature, it would promote healthy literary trends, said Z.A. Nizami, the chancellor of Sir Syed University of Engineering and Technology.

He was presiding over the Tanzo Mazah Conference 2007, held under the auspices of the Pakistan Academy of Letters on Friday. He said comedy and humour were an essential part of literature and their promotion could bring about social reforms.

Zakir Ali Khan, who was the chief guest, said that right from Akbar Allahabadi to Syed Zamir Jaffery and Dilawar Fagar, the humorous poets made valuable contribution towards transformation and reformation of society. He said people like Mushfiq Khawaja and Mushtaq Ahmed Yusufi gave philosophical depth to humour.

PAL Resident Director Agha Noor Mohammed Pathan, in his welcome address, said that while the people were depressed and frustrated with load-shedding, traffic jams, rising cost of living and other day-to-day problems of life, need was felt for recreational literary programmes alongside the serious literary activities.

He announced institution of “Abu Zafar Zain Memorial Award” carrying a cash prize of Rs25,000 for the best of emerging humorous poets and writers.

Shaukat Jamal, the honorary chief guest and prominent poet, assured full cooperation from his family towards institution of the Abu Zafar Zain Award.

Saleh Kausar, Sirajul Munir Tasnim, Mirza Akhtar, Robina Tehsin Beena, Syed Mairaj Jami and Haider Bukhsh Hakro participated in poetry recital.

Abul Farah Humayun, Mirza Abid Abbas, Anwar Ahmed Alvi, Mohammed Kalim Chughtai, Shujauddin Ghauri, Riffat Humayun, Dur-i-Shahwar, Saira Ghulam Nabi and Dr S.M. Moin Qureshi entertained the audience with their witty speeches.

At the end, all the poets and the writers were presented with souveniers on the behalf of Sir Syed University of Engineering and Technology.
Source: Dawn