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Environmental issues

By: Hashim Abro

Sindh faces several environmental problems and challenges, including air pollution, potable water contamination, domestic and industrial wastewater, marine pollution, municipal and industrial solid-waste, hospital waste, industrial hazardous waste, deforestation, degradation of biodiversity, depletion of farming lands, sea intrusion, etc.

All these environmental problems are human-induced and created by the rapid population growth and unplanned urbanisation and influx of illegal immigrants estimated to be more than nine million in the province. Shockingly, so far nothing has been done to address these environmental problems and challenges being faced by the province which have put the health, economy, environment and the lives of the people at stake.

The provincial environment department and its Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) seem to be in a deep slumber. Strict measures should be taken by the federal and the provincial governments to check these issues before they lead to dangerous consequences. There is a need for redoubling of efforts aimed at the overcoming ecological crisis.

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