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Directory of self-employed women launched

KARACHI: For the first time a comprehensive data about the self employed women in all the 18 towns of the City has been compiled in a directory tilted Directory of Self
Employed women of Karachi.

It depicts the hardships of 1800 self-employed women as how they are earning butter and bread ‘for their families.

The directory was launched by Centre of Excellence for Women’s Studies, Karachi University (KU), based on a research which was funded by Higher Education Commission (HEC).

The fact list is compiled and edited under the supervision of Prof. Dr Nasreen Aslam Shah Dr Nasreen Aslam Shah while talking to The Nation on Monday said that it took four years to collect the required data through direct meetings with the self employed women in all 18 towns of the City It was started in 2005 and completed by the end of

Dr Shah said that women working in informal sector were playing a very important role for the stability of the economy, so this directory is just to acknowledge their potential role and to encourage the policy makers to take necessary steps for providing facilities to these women.

She said that information about those women of the port city revealed their struggle against the plight of their life in order to feed their families successfully.

It also includes their pictures, interviews and other details.

She appreciated the work of lecturer Nadeem Ullah and research associate Faisal Zia regarding the collection of the data.
Source: The Nation