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Council formed for check on IT institutions

KARACH1- “The Information Technology Commission of Pakistan in collaboration with University Grants Commission is establishing Accreditation Council for the promotion of IT education and to check the quality of IT education being given by the IT institutions in the country.”

This was stated by Syed Mazher Ali, Chairman Information Technology Commission of Pakistan and Karachi Institute of information Technology (KIIT) while talking to a group of journalists, students and faculty members of Department of Mass Communication, University of Karachi, who paid a visit to KIIT.

He disclosed that Pakistan is facing acute shortage of IT specialists and Ph.d’s as presently only 15 Ph.d’s are working in the country.

Syed Mazher opined that the only way to promote IT in Pakistan is more reduction in the rate of Internet and computers while government should grant small loans or Qarze Hasna to poor students for the purchase of computers.

He observed that Pakistan is far behind than India in IT as well as production and exports of software and the only way to improve the situation is possible through cut in the prices of Internet and computers.

Briefing about Karachi Institute of Information Technology (KIIT) he told that it is the only IT institute which is affiliated with the top ranking computing University of Britain and has four Ph.D’s on Computer Science and Information Technology.

He disclosed that the institute has arranged a one-day IT training programme for the employees of Government of Sindh and in future they would arrange such training for the school children. Later, the group visited different sections of the institute.

Source: The Nation