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Corruption a robbery of human rights: Aitzaz

By Saadia Khalid

Islamabad: Corrupt people are in every field of life, even among lawyers. Such people are a threat to the overall reputation of an institution and they should be tackled on an immediate basis, said eminent lawyer Aitzaz Ahsan.

Addressing a seminar on ‘Human Rights’ organised by the Islamabad Police, he said: “Had there been no black sheep in every department, we would have been developed like Europe. It is our duty to keep an eye on these corrupt people. A few lawyers have become more active than desired and it is important to point them out and isolate them,” he said.

He termed corruption “robbery of human rights” as due to it an ineligible man was given a chance illegally while depriving eligible persons of their due rights. “It is the quotient of power, which is a major factor behind corruption in different organisations,” he said.

He, however, lauded the efforts of the police and said that they were performing their duties in the line of fire and should be paid rich tribute for their bravery and hard work. “In today’s world where everybody is depressed due to unemployment, inflation and lawlessness, it is the duty of men in uniform to realise their duty in facilitating the people while forgetting their own problems and worries,” he said.

He said that according to social sciences, torture in any case was counterproductive and conducive to violence. “The technology has become so updated where everybody is having mobile phones with cameras and could record anything at any place,” he warned.
Source: The News