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Zoe Viccaji’s ‘Ishq Kinara’ video comes out today

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The music industry in Pakistan certainly has a lot to offer. There’s always some musical activity going on, which allows listeners to choose from a pool of options and multiple genres.

Two major additions to the music released in 2017 includes efforts such as Patari Tabeer, a platform for the undiscovered, and Cornetto Pop Rock season two, which is all about big musical names.

In a similar vein, several artists have consistently released music backed by equally breathtaking visuals in the form of visceral music videos.

The most recent effort in this direction comes from singer-songwriter Zoe Viccaji, who is releasing a new music video called ‘Ishq Kinara’, later today.

“The music video will come out on the 13th of February and it will be releasing online,” Zoe told Instep.

“‘Ishq Kinara’ basically talks about finding love within yourself and learning to love and respect yourself instead of relying on someone else for it. It’s in contradiction with the concept of Valentine’s Day where everyone talks about their valentine.”

Directed by Meher Jaffri and produced by Ahsan Bari and Karim Barola, the video stars Viccaji, Sunil Shanker and Kashif Hussain.

Noting that a slew of impressive videos have released in the past several months with many more expected, Zoe told Instep further: “A lot of people are coming up with music videos and music albums. I believe music videos have a stronger appeal. They bring together music and acting; it’s a form of art.”

Apart from looking forward to her new video, Zoe also explained that she is playing a show in Lahore on February 14.

She will also take the stage in Islamabad alongside Atif Aslam as part of Cornetto Pop Rock 2 where she will open the show with the single, ‘Ishq Kinara’.

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