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Youths urged to become entrepreneurs instead of job seekers

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Pakistani youths must try to become entrepreneurs to provide jobs to others, instead of wandering here and there in search of jobs, said IT expert and In-charge of IT Cell of Prime Minister Task Force on IT and Telecom, Jahan Aura.

The field of Information Technology (IT) is most suitable for this purpose at the time and working in this field the youths can build their own companies and provide jobs to other jobless youths, she added.

Addressing the meeting of Hamdard Naunehal Assembly Karachi Chapter on the theme: “Facebook – advantages and disadvantages, she expressed that there will be no easy chances of getting jobs in Pakistan in near future either.

She said that she was working in the field of IT for a long time and realized that if the nation would focus deeply on this field, the country could develop by leaps and bounds.

All applications of social media were means of communication and their uses must be disciplined; how much and how come these applications were used it depended on the users – the children and the youths, she added and said: ‘They will have to use these latest inventions of IT, in order to make rapid progresses.

‘Social media is a good source of sharing and talking, but whatever you say and share on social media it must be in good manners and never quarrel, she said, adding that you should use it as a tool to attain your objects. She asked the parents to guide their children very clearly that how much and when they should use social media.

Highlighting the way of working of her institution, she said: “We teach the youths how to do business, provide them place to sit and run their enterprises, think and evolve new ideas and test them. Moreover, we advise them not to be disappointed on failure as in every failure lies a success.

If they fail in one business, they should start another, that’s why in near about five years our trained youths have setup 164 companies and have been providing jobs on handsome salaries.’

Commending the works of Shaheed Hakim Mohammed Said, she said that Hakim sahib had done a lot of memorable work in education and for children and the country and ‘that work is still continue, which no doubt is remarkable.’

Speaking on the occasion, Sadia Rashid, President, Hamdard Foundation Pakistan said that the purpose of selecting the theme of Facebook was to highlight the advantages and disadvantages of today’s most popular application of social media as the youths across the world in a very large number remained attached for hours with it. The balanced use of Facebook was the only way to avoid its bad affects, she added.

The continuous use of cell phone was very injurious to health as radiation activity would badly affect human body, health and creative ability; parents and teachers should bring this fact into the knowledge of children and youths, she asserted.

Young speakers Hamna Shakil, Usman Rashid, Disha Arooj, Suqhra Ramazan, Ruqqayya Umar, Aiza Mahmood and Fatema Zahra Usman Ghani also spoke on this occasion.

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