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Young journalists urged to lay focus on media ethics

Founding Chairman Department of Mass Communications National University of Modern Languages (NUML) Syed Saulat Raza has urged the young journalists to focus on the sense of responsibility, media ethics and positive reporting to provide guidelines to the people in present scenario.

He was addressing ‘Alumni gathering’ of former and present students of NUML Mass Communication Department here on Friday, which was organised by the Mass Communication Alumni Association NUML in which large number of media professionals, journalists, media students and teachers participated.

Syed Saulat Raza termed it a very positive trend that more youth were joining media and journalism despite present worst financial, security and law and order situation, job security, organisational environment and unemployment conditions across the country.

Despite being at the top, Saulat Raza told participants, among most dangerous countries, in connection with journalism, the journalists and media students were giving their best for the sack of the country as well as the nation.

He urged the students to recognise their responsibilities and to perform them in positive and constructive manner in the best national interest.

“The media students and the young blood in journalism should enhance their professional capabilities and skills to deal with the challenges of modern epoch as the present era was the age of media,” he added.-PR

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