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Young artists showcase the diversity of Pakistani art

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Karachi: An exhibition of five young artists who have recently graduated from different universities is under way at the Sanat Initiative Art Gallery.

“The exhibition showcases how well our young artists paint their imaginations with their own signatures,” said artist Muhammad Zeeshan, who was the curator of the exhibition entitled ‘Neon’, which opened on Tuesday.

“Coming from different cultures and universities,” the curator said, “the artists have showcased the diversity of Pakistani art, which is another unique point of today’s exhibition. Besides, all the artists are showcasing their skills for the first time in any exhibition.”

A graduate of the Indus Valley School of Art & Architecture, Rabia Farooqui was optimistic about defining her own signature in the field of arts.

“We [artists] should know the difference between inspiration and replication,” she observed.

“I believe in coming out with less amount of work, but coming up with original ideas.”

The artist said she was more interested in exploring the relationship between an individual and the societal pressure that one was made to feel.

Hailing from Tehran, Marjan Baniasadi was another artist in the quintet, who recently graduated from the National College of Arts, Lahore.

“My work speaks about how time travels and our memory fades away and is replaced with new things and all that remains is the nostalgia of life and cultural changes.”

The Iranian artist, who moved to Pakistan with his family some years ago, said that the culture of Pakistan was not much different from that of her native land, yet it wasn’t all same.

“We [Pakistanis and Iranians] share the same religion and somewhat culture as well, yet there are notable differences which helped me applying various flavours of culture and tradition to my artwork.

“I am in another happier and an easier time and space when I am associating with Iran, my homeland, and its culture in my paintings. The series ‘Listen to this carpet’ is about the stories of the weavers of the Persian carpets and with them my own personal recollections. It is about life’s struggles, hardships, its trials and tribulations along with its colours of hope, faith and sacrifice.”

Another graduate of the NCA, Faraz Aamer Khan, said his artistic concerns involved reflection and resonance.

“My work itself is in a constant state of experimentation and research. In this particular series, having explored so many different mediums and finally working within a strict monochromatic frame; I take into account reflection and introspection of the self through interpretations and representations of natural phenomenon.”

Safeer Sandeelo, a graduate of the Sindh University, Jamshoro, said his work was based on black dots and portraits.

“I have criticised media in which self-expressions are used and the day-to-day life is revolving around a repetition of the same news a number of times, which loses its importance and impact in the eyes of the masses.” The exhibition will run till April 19.

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