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Youm-e-Dua observed in country for Hamid Mir

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KARACHI: The issue of assassination attempt on Geo TV senior anchor Hamid Mir is continuously haunting the media with different organisations and civil society pouring words of condemnation and offering prayers for his early recovery.

Different organisation, including journalists, civil society bodies and political leaders, throughout the country Friday observed “Youm-e-Dua” for Hamid Mir, praying for his early recovery and for the prosperity of the country.

Almost all the Press Clubs in the country, including Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore, Multan, held ceremonies for the well being of the Geo News senior anchorperson and in favour of freedom of speech.

The Karachi Press Club too on Friday observed, “Youm-e-dua” at its terrace which was attended by political parties representatives such as Latif Mughal of PPP, Basharat Mirza of Pakistan Democratic Party, trade unionist Liaquat Sahi, Aslam Ghori of Jamiat—e-Ulema-e Islam Fazl.

Speaking on the occasion KPC General Secretary Amir Latif and President Imtiaz Khan Faran said journalists’ community would not tolerate curbs on the press and violence against media workers, and they were united for their rights and demands, any move to close down a channel or newspaper would be resisted as rendering thousands of workers jobless would be economic murder of their families.

They also demanded protection to journalism and ensuing freedom of expression to save the country’s image.Others who were present on the occasion were senior journalists Idress Bakhtiar, KPC Vice President Saeed Sarbazi and others. Later, Dua was offered by Qari Dawood for Hamid Mir’s early recovery and also prayed for Raza Rumi and other journalists who were killed in line of duty.

A consensus opinion emerged on the day with all either politicians, civil society organisations and journalists were against the ban on Geo TV, adding that if anyone has complaints they should go the court.

They were of the view that “attack on Mir is an assault on democracy”. They further said they also fight for democracy and “you also do so”.Journalists, political leaders and civil society activists believe that certain mafias wanted to crush the voice of Hamid Mir but they were living in fool’s paradise that they will never be successful in hushing up the voice.

The attack was strongly condemned and the Press Clubs pledged with the Geo senior anchorperson that they stand beside him for his courage, bravery and exposing the anti-state elements. It’s an attack on freedom of the media that cannot be tolerated, they said, and terming the attack shameful, demanded a thorough inquiry should be conducted. They said journalists were hard working and appreciated for their contribution to society and silencing their voice is a crime as it denied access to information They termed it an attempt to stifle the free media, saying that attempts have always been made to curb the voice of truth; they saluted Mir for bearing the torch of truth.

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