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Yasir Akhtar strikes back with another trendsetter ‘Multi National Films’

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LAHORE-The multi talented star Yasir Akhtar , is all set to strike back with yet another trendsetting series of films called ‘Multinational Films’.

The star behind countless iconic productions and songs will soon be releasing the first film of this series ‘Azaad’, which is shot in London.

‘Azaad’ is a presentation of Motion Content Group and Pegasus Productions. Multi National Films will be shot in the UK, USA, U.A.E, Pakistan and at other fascinating locations in the world.

The project will be centered around different stories on various subjects and will engage talent from various locales in the world.

Yasir will cast experienced artists and will be introducing new faces to the media industry from Pakistan and abroad. Each film will be of approximately 100 minutes duration.

The films will be aired on various TV channels and platforms across the world on special occasions. The all rounder has shared some interesting facts about ‘Multi National Films’ and its first venture ’Azaad’.

Where did the idea of ‘Multi National Films’ come from?

I entered as a child artist in the media industry. After experiencing so much in music, acting and filmmaking, I decided to do something which can merge many cross border talents and stories.

Having lived in Pakistan and now in the UK, I believe that so much can be shared by merging new and renowned talents and depicting cultural issues faced by many silently. My goal is to shine light to these cultural divides, and give the audience a taste of international story telling. “Multi National Films” will be a start of a new era, a new trend and style of productions.

Would you like to share the background of ‘Azaad’ ?

The story begins from the childhood of two brothers, elder brother Aazer (Yasir Akhtar) and younger brother Ayzad (Gagan Chopra) and their mother Mehru (Parveen Akbar).

Mehru escapes from Pakistan to take refuge in London after the murder of her husband. Growing up in East-End London, Aazer and Aazad, get to know a few local people who become a part of their family here. Yasmin (Momal Sheikh) a half cast British Asian/Pakistani girl, next door neighbour who grew up with Aazar and Ayzad develops a strong bonding with the family. Overpowering emotions shared between the family of three, Love triangle between the two brothers, clash of cultures and values while living in the west and still breeding eastern values, ‘Azaad’ captures the true colours of traditional, edgy London lifestyle.

How was the experience directing Pakistani and British Asian artists in London ?

It was an amazing one. I have done this countless times for drama serials and music videos, I directed and produced the ‘Sard Aag’ and the London spell of Laahasil for Hum TV in the UK . Also, I have been directing and performing with the top names in the British Asian media industry like Apache Indian, Sahara group, Stereo Nation – Taz, Hunterz and more. We shot ‘Azaad’ in December 2018, it was extremely cold. Momal Shiekh had to wear extra layers to be warm but she gave her best shots. One of the most memorable scenes of ‘Azaad’ is shot on Trafalgar Square, where she brings a muffler for me as a present. We both did some breathtaking scenes around Windsor Castle.

Tell us about the people who are behind the camera in ‘Azaad’ ?

I am deeply thankful to my lovely wife – Lubna Akhtar who is also the major force behind Pegasus Productions in these years.

She has been working successfully as executive producer for years. ‘Azaad’ is written by Roommy Zahid from Bradford. He is also a dear friend and an amazing writer and extremely talented individual. We have worked on some projects together in the UK. Initially, I contacted him with the storyline and then we developed the scenes. Later he worked on the dialouges and the script. I have been working on the same method for many years with writers like Zubair Abbasi, Seema Ghazal, Hameed Kashmiri, Asad Mohammad Khan and more. I will be giving more chances to new writers in “Multi National Films”

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