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Writers urged to remove hopelessness among people

ISLAMABAD – A ceremony was held to honour the recently published work of columnist and poet, Aisha Masood, titled ‘Sukhan Us Key Sitarey Hain’ on Tuesday.

Renowned writers and poet including Mansha Yad, Shabnam Shakil, Jamil Yousaf, Jaleel Aali, Dr. Inam-ul-Haq Javed, Hameed Shahid, Saeed Akhter and Fida-ur-Rehman commended the work of Aisha. Federal Information Minister Firdos Aashiq Awan was the chief guest on the event.

Speaking on the event, Firdos Aashiq Awan said there was a need to dispel prevailing despondency from the people while the writers and intellectuals will have to play proactive role in this regard. She said such events should be held with the government’s support so that the people can vent their expressions and feelings. After the devolution of Federal Ministry of Culture to the provinces the institutions of art and culture have been transferred to the Information Ministry. She has asked the relevant officials to organise such events in the government institutions established to promote literature and art instead of holding it in local hotels.

Muhammad Hameed Shahid was of the view that her style is simple and common and she never uses difficult vocabulary just to leave an impression on the readers. He said she has a strong connection with the culture and traditions of our society and highlights the characteristics of fidelity and strong bonding of men and women that has somehow weakened in the western society.

Shabnam Shakil said majority of the female writers want to be famous in no time and follow the style of other prominent poets like Parveen Shakir and do not maintain their own individuality but its not the case with Aisha Masood. She said Aisha is a committed and genuine poet and if we do a comparison of her first and the recent book its apparent that intellectually she has grown a lot. She said her poetry is a beautiful blend of reality and dreams. Jaleel Aali said there is not a much different between the content of her poetry and columns that are reflections of our culture and traditions.

He suggested her to quit column writing and pay more attention on poetry. Noted writer Jameel Yousaf quoting John Keats “If poetry does not come to me as leaves to tree, it had better not come at all” said likewise her poetry is not a conscious effort and it has a spontaneous flow. Mansha Yad read a humorous piece on the invitation card distributed, earlier, among the people to invite them that mesmerised the audience and he gathered a lot of appreciation from them. He said after Parveen Shakir her poetry has a femenish touch and she has given a voice to the feelings of women.

Terming her life a continuous struggle Inam-ul-Haq Javaid said, though, she has adopted a new style in poetry but one feels often a classical touch as well. Aisha recited her poetry for the audience and shared her memories with them.
Source: The Nation