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Our Writers Our Heroes

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Karachi: The Beaconhouse School System recently held a literary evening at its DHA campus. The evening was themed ‘Our Writers Our Heroes’.

The audience was a keen set of O- and A-level students, teachers and heads of the Beaconhouse southern region.

The event was organised to discuss the challenges faced by Pakistani English writers and the non-existent genre of young adult fiction for the growing youth of the country.

Broadening the students’ reading interests, introducing English writers and poets, listening to and admiring good literature and poetry, and interacting with and being inspired by indigenous names were also part of the programme.

The panel comprised renowned literary figures like Mohammed Hanif, Salman Kureshi and Shazaf Haider as well as educationist-cum-literature enthusiast Mrs Ahsanuddin. The topic of the discussion was ‘Why are authors not heroes for our young people today?’

Besides the panel discussion, there were dramatic rehearsed readings in English by theatre artist Nimra Bucha, who read Alice and Faiz’s letters to each other, and Mrs Ahsanuddin read some poems by WH Auden.

Beaconhouse students Hassan Adil and Haisam Raza performed a ghazal and song, whereas Maryam Ali performed a piano recital.

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