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Would love to work with Kareena Kapoor Khan: Humayun Saeed

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Humayun Saeed and Mehwish Hayat starrer Punjab Nahi Jaungi has been breaking all the records since its release.

The rom-com has also been lauded by veteran director Mahesh Bhatt across the border. So, what really does take to make a family entertainer?

In a recent interview with Fifi Haroon on BBC Urdu, Saeed sat down and spilled the beans on what makes the movie tick.

With excellent production and visuals, some memorable songs, top-notch performances by the lead and supporting cast, and  great entertainment value, Punjab Nahi Jaungi hits sixers and fours on all fronts.

Discussing the movie, Saeed states, “It’s a simple movie, and many similar ones have been made before it. But what makes it tick is the right amount of romance, drama and family.”

“Nadeem (Beyg) and I love the premise of Punjab Nahi JaungiDobara Phir Se and Janaan probably didn’t do this well since they might have been less relateable as both movies were not rooted to Pakistan,” he went on to say.

“The audience always wish to stick to the roots. They are more inclined towards the story that is close to home,” he added.

Saeed also went on to comment on the character he’s portraying in Punjab Nahi Jaungi. “I tried not to overdo it. The accent should be just right until people start thinking that one might be making fun of it.”

While Saeed has worked with numerous A list actors, he still wishes to work with Bebo once. “I would love to work with Kareena Kapoor Khan. She’s a strong actor.”

Saeed also thinks that Katrina Kaif might be a bit out of his league. He saw her on a show to which he was invited to once, he revealed. “She’s very beautiful,” he said. “Aishwarya Rai was also present on the very same show. She has such beautiful eyes!”

“But I have to concur the beauty we have in our country is unparalleled,” he confessed.

Rumour had it that Hayat and Hocane were not the first choices to be cast as Amal and Durdana. Saeed revealed that Sohai Ali Abro was the first choice to play the character of Hocane, while Iman Ali was all set to play Hayat’s role.

Talking about this, Saeed asserted, “We did approach Sohai for Urwa’s role but she wasn’t comfortable doing it. Maybe she expected a bigger role and this just wasn’t delivering it.”

“I’m planning to do a movie with Sohai next year, so hopefully, you will see us sharing screen soon.”

Talking about Hocane’s performance, Saeed lauded the starlet, saying, “Urwa definitely surprised us! We weren’t expecting such a power packed performance. She definitely worked her magic! She was quite prominent throughout the movie.”

Talking about why Ali backed out of her role, Saeed said, “Iman was all set to star in the movie, but she liked my character better. She thought all the jokes and punches were on me, so she backed out.”

“Iman was an apt choice to play Amal as we wanted a diva to play the broadminded, Karachiite. Once Iman backed out, I believed Mehwish fit the role aptly.”

“Mehwish and I share a very intense chemistry. I came to realise more about it after Dillagi. But that was the very reason we wanted to refrain to share the screen so soon yet again,” confessed Saeed.

When he was asked to comment on Project Ghazi, Saeed laughed it off. “I knew at the premiere of the movie that it wasn’t going to be ready to hit the screens the next day,” he said. “That’s why I pulled the plug on it.”

“I still believe Project Ghazi will do well once it releases. It’s just that we were working with a new director and producer, and the pressure to release the movie was just too much,” he added.

Saeed’s upcoming venture will be Jawani Phir Nahi Ani‘s sequel which also stars Fahad Mustafa. “We will start shooting for the movie in October in Turkey,” said Saeed.

We can’t wait to see these two superstars sharing screen together!

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