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Women’s parliamentary caucus

RISING above party politics and individual differences, our women parliamentarians have officially launched the Women’s Parliamentary Caucus. It was long awaited and was the need of the day for women�s empowerment, development and emancipation.

The issues of the women of this country are innumerable, such as they are denied justice and suffer on account of male domination.

Women are victim of karo-kari, child marriage, domestic violence, rape (marital and others), feudal and tribal brutalities of all sorts.

This caucus includes women from different political parties, with different views and manifestos but the credit goes to the Speaker of the House, Fahmida Mirza, who brought all like-minded women parliamentarians under one umbrella, with the sole purpose of solving problems faced by the women of the country: their empowerment, equal opportunities, respect at workplaces, abolishing harassment and subjugation of women.

This august caucus has the mandate and will of the public representatives to solve the manifold problems faced by the women of this great country, under the able guidance of the Speaker of the House, Fahmida Mirza.
Source: Dawn