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Women making progress in every sphere

KARACHI- The Pakistan women are making significant progress in every sphere of ac­tivity. This is being exhibited at Women’s Expo being organised here from April 13 to 16 with repre­sentation from all the four prov­inces. The present government be­lieves that there is a great need to portray positive side of our women such as their participation and contributions in various Walks of life. 1

For that there is a dire need f6r a single platform where they can meet, discuss their issues, vocal­ise their concerns, celebrate their achievements, converge efforts towards women development and empowerment and high­light their contribution in the society.

The Women’s Expo is a plat­form where over 100,000 Pakistani women are gathering to celebrate their identity, which will entail their happiness, accomplishment of milestones and empowerment as a member of our society. The Ministry of Women De­velopment has taken the initiative by holding the Women’s Expo- the first national interac­tive platform for women.

One of the salient features of the four-day event is that a hall named “Hunarmand” is allo­cated for the women of the four provinces to exhibit the items that they prepare at home or produce at e cottage industries in the country.
Thus the less privileged seg­ment of women workers is be­ing provided representation in this expo as well as due encour­agement. Arrangements were made to run a train froth Peshawar to Karachi to display such works. It reached here from Peshawar.

Seminars, workshops as well as training sessions are being organised during the Women’s Expo, the organisers of the event further pointed out. There are about 400 booths at the Women’s Expo including 200 for cottage industry, 100 for cor­porate sector and 100 for women entrepreneurs.

A day-long conference would 31so be organised during the Expo on April 15. At the expo the experts from health and nutrition, education and training beauty, fitness and home management are underrating health screenings and enlightening women about their multi dimensional roles by incorporating presentations on successful women, women entrepreneurship training and skill development programmes.
The Lions club has extended a donation of Rs.1.2 million from which raw material purchased for women from the earthquake hit areas to come to the Expo along with their products.
Source: The Nation