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Woman’s nose and hair chopped off by in-laws

GUJRANWALA: A man teamed up with his wife and sons and cut off his sister-in-law’s hair and nose. In the Thaana Noshera Vikran police precincts, Awalkah Bhaike resident Aasiya Bibi’s brother in law Anwar, his wife Kalsoom and sons Waqas and Awais teamed up and chopped off Aasiya’s nose and shaved off her head after alleging that she had illicit relations with a man from the neighbourhood.

“Aasiya has been living with her in-laws for over seven years and her husband works in Multan, so he rarely manages to visit,” said her neighbour Nida, adding that Aasiya’s in-laws were often cruel to her and there were many fights in the house.

According to police officials, the family locked Aasiya up in a room on Noshera Vikran police discovered the incident with the help of a neighbour and released Aasiya from the room where she had been locked up for three days. “I had been beaten and they didn’t give me proper food. They locked me up and I was still bleeding,” Aasiya told the police.

Police officials said that when they found Aasiya she was in terrible condition and was immediately taken to the DHQ hospital where her facial wounds were stitched up and doctors say that she narrowly managed to avoid an infection.

“We were surprised that her open wounds hadn’t gotten infected even thought they weren’t treated for three days,” said medical superintendent Azam Skeikh. “She is currently receiving treatment but we expect her to make a full recovery,” he said. Police officials have registered separate cases against the accused and have taken them into custody.

“She was having illicit relations with a neighbour. We caught her and this was her punishment. She deserved what happened to her,” said Aasiya’s brother in law Anwar, adding “I should have killed her on the spot.”
Source: The Express Tribune