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What human rights?


As we look around the world and see people celebrating Human Rights Day, the day to affirm rights established by the UN Declaration of Human Rights such as right to life, liberty and security etc; our urge to lose all hope is but very human. The citizens of Pakistan enjoy no such rights and this is evident in the genocide of Shia Muslims, destruction of Hindus’ temples, desecration of graves in Ahmadiyya graveyards, acid burnings of women, torture of journalists, widespread illiteracy and child labour (just to name a few maladies).

If we succeed in at least instilling the spirit of spreading education in our coming generation and create opportunities for educational for all, it will only be a matter of time when people begin to realize the value of rights they have. This will also change the future of Pakistan as they will know who to elect as ruler, and that is why the feudal class has not provided education to the masses and the government has also done nothing to bring education into the reach of the poor, what they are forgetting is that they have destroyed the nation’s future for a few years of unbridled corruption. Only when everyone is educated will true democracy come to Pakistan and we can talk about ‘Human Rights.’

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