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Ways to avoid environmental disasters highlighted

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KARACHI – A seminar titled “Summer Protection and Monsoon Awareness” was held at a local hotel on Tuesday.

The awareness seminar was jointly organised by Pakistan Meteorological Department in collaboration with Regional Integrated Multi-hazard Early-warning System (RIMES) and National Disaster Management Authority of Pakistan. Lt Gen Omar Mahmood Hayat, NDMA chairman presided over the event. While appreciating the efforts of all concerned, the NDMA chairman stated that the seminar was part of an awareness campaign for the people of Sindh.

Besides consolidating the learning and experiences of monsoon 2017, the conference has provided a more refined input for the preparation of monsoon and summer of 2018, he said.

Our teams are now even better equipped and trained to tackle adverse situations effectively, he concluded.

The objective of this well-integrated seminar was to make the public aware of the hazards inflicted by the expected upsurge in Karachi’s temperature during the summer season, along with the abrupt climate changes that may occur during the approaching monsoon season.

The deliberations at the seminar were enriched by distinguished representatives including Director General of Pakistan Metrological Department Dr Ghulam Rasul, officials from Provincial Disaster Management Authority (PDMA), Ruby Rose from RIMES, Muhammad Riaz Chief Meteorologist, Flood Forecasting Division (FFD) and Professor Dr Jamil Hassan Kazmi from Karachi University.

The seminar was concluded with a vote of thanks by Dr Ghulam Rasool.

PMD Director General Dr Rasool said the workshop was organised to increase understanding of people so they could remain safe in extreme weather conditions, adopt precautionary measures and take productive steps to improve the environmental conditions to make their lives better. This year the region of South Asia will have regular monsoon while it is directed that in Pakistan more than average rain is expected in Punjab, AJK and KP whereas less rain is likely in Sindh and Balochistan, he added.

Heavy downpour may result in urban flooding in Karachi. It is further forecasted that the region may suffer from a heat wave during the month of May and June, he highlighted.

National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) Operations Member Brigadier Mukhtar Ahmed addressing the seminar explained that Pakistan has been facing tragic adversities due to natural disasters in the country over the years which include the super flood of 2010 and 2011.

We should take heed from the past and prepare to strengthen the future of our nation. NDMA will be providing further assistance of 33 percent in the emergency camps in the four provinces for the betterment of the citizens, he added.

K-Electric’s special measures and preparations for upcoming summer and monsoon season were also highlighted by Fakhar Ahmed, Chief Marketing & Communication Officer, K-Electric.

Fakhar said: “Being the sole power-utility of Karachi, we recognise our duties and responsibilities to provide maximum relief to the residents.

“Therefore, we have made all possible arrangements to keep the city energised during the peak-summer and the monsoon season, with consistent and reliable supply of electricity, to maintain optimum performance in the industrial and domestic sectors, ” he added.

The speakers urged the importance of taking precautionary methods and minimising the use of heavy electrical machinery or appliances, during peak hours as well as the individuals involved in outdoor activities must take all necessary precautions to stay safe and well-hydrated.

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