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War of words intensifies on social media

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ISLAMABAD – With opposition uniting against the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf’s government, the war of words on social media is becoming intense once again.

With over 19.5 million tweets, the trend faqirazam (the biggest beggar) was among the top trend where PML-N supporters ridiculed Prime Minister by showing how Khan is doing exactly opposite to what he had been claiming during his election campaign and during last twenty years of his political struggle.

The recent tour of Saudi Arabia is the latest topic on which not only tigers but journalists, PML-N leaders and other users also commented.

Some posts carry sound-bytes of Prime Minister’s recent speeches in which he is saying that dependency on foreign aid has weakened the country and he would never opt for it.

One user pointed out that after Saudi aid, there is no excuse for government to increase prices of utilities and not to provide relief to poor and needy by slashing prices of commodities.

Another user attaching a clip, in which Khan was saying he would like to die before begging, said that head of state of New Pakistan reached Saudia with 17 members delegation in Special plane to Beg money.

The Insafians who have been quick to indulge in dirty talk avoided to answer questions but registered their weak protest.

For somedays i have been sein that patwaris r really strong on twitter…they r never leaving any chance to criticize ik  with stupid things trending on twitter such as…… #????????, wrote @ownshah3.

On social media PML-N supporters call their opponents, youthias, while PTI sympathisers call their rivals, Patwaris. (a term coined to refer land grabbers and land mafia). For Insafians any question regarding Imran Khan or PTI means you are not patriot and re on pay role of PML-N. N- supporters display similar sentiments. for them questioning PML-N leadership means you are on pay role of military and hence are anti-democratic.

Instead of commenting on why the prime minister has been doing opposite to what he had been claiming and promising to the nation since last twenty years, PTI supporters argued that Khan’s every step is for the country.

Listen guys if IMRAN KHAN is #???????? he feels proud on that because he is begging for the sake of PAKISTAN and I don’t think there is any point of feeling shame. Right??, another user @manogondal75 wrote.

“I’ve no pol affiliation. In 2014, loan from Saudi side was bad but in 2018, its a successful act. Politics in PAK has huge hypocrisy mixed with it and PMLQ/PPP/PMLN were bad or may be worse. But PTI is worst & most hypocritic”, said @DrFarhanSubhani.

Some pointed out that due to khan’s irresponsible statements stock market has crashed and the value of rupee depreciated fell historic low in just last two months of his rule.

Earlier, Prime Minister’s interview to foreign journalists, published in international and national papers, was the subject of verbal war between supporters and opponents of Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaaf.

Journalist Kamran Khan’s tweet “Terrible reflection of the state of affairs from the Prime Minister. It deepened despondency, no wonder PSX sunk another 700 points this morning”, instantly became popular and Prime Minister’s close aid had to jump to clarify but it worsen the situation.

Khan attached a picture of local newspaper with caption, “Imran says we are desperate”, (to get aid). The post was re-tweeted by 992 while liked by 2.7 k netizens.

The post was discussed so much that Naeem ul haq had to deny that khan gave interview to any media before leaving for Saudi Arabia, in an apparent, desperate attempt to control the blow back.

The denial ignited Insafians and they grouped to ridicule Kamran Khan alleging him and overall journalist community of taking bribes.

The bashing on journalists became so intense that foreign journalist had to jump in to rescue Kamran Khan.

On Saturday 20th we met the PM and conducted an on-the-record interview which lasted 1 hour and 12 minutes. You were in attendance as was Mr Fawad Chaudhry and Mr Sarfraz Hussain, picture attached, said @amandamcoakley, who’s story on Khan’s interview was published on middle east newspaper, the National. In her story she wrote: “The former cricket star continues to talk big but has already walked back on election promises”.

The picture attached to her post showed the young journalist shaking hands with Prime Minister Imran Khan warmly while Prime Minister’s close aid Naeem Ul Haq was smiling in the background.

On opposition’s alliance against PTI government’s Railways Minister Sheikh Rashid initiated a hashtag #AllMunafiqAlliance, which got attention of many thousands of users.

With former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, former President Asif Ali Zardari and Maulana Fazal ur Rehman’s pictures the posts condemned the leaders for their alleged corruption and how it has damaged the whole country, bringing it to a verge of collapse.

The war of words has been at its peak during the election campaign but it is gaining momentum once again, suggesting a turmoil in Pakistani politics in coming days.

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