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Waqt TV tear thrashed for exposing hoarders

MURREE: Two flour hoarders Thursday thrashed “Waqt News” team, harassed its senior producer Naseer Abbasi and damaged his camera in the jurisdiction of Trait Police Post.

According to details, alleged flour hoarders Jamil Khan and Fazlur Rehman manhandled he “Waqt TV” team when it was recording on its camera huge quantity of flour stored in the said hoarders’godown.

Naseer Abbasi, Senior Producer of “Waqt TV” along with his team upon complaints that huge quantity of flour was stored in their godown, reached there and started recording the proofs on his camera.

Upon this both hoarders lost their temper and started thrashing Waqt team and threatened them of dire consequences. Naseer Abbasi said that both Jamil Khan and Fazlur Rehman indulged in flour hoarding for last many days and stored huge quantity of flour on subsidised rate in their godowns.

Later, they were to smuggle the flour to NWFP areas as they did in past. Senior producer has appealed to the authorities concerned to take stern action against the abovementioned accused.
Source: The Nation