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Violence against women on the rise

Karachi — Violence against women was on the rise. Yearly statistics spoke volumes about the crime against women. The women NGO’s in a seminar on December 07, talked of several violent incidents against women. Tribal people, who migrated to earn their living, were mainly accused of violence against women.
Women, on the other hand, were at the mercy of men. Brutal torture, from mild scolding to shouting and then finally assaulting women sexually, had made them a laughing stock in the society. Most of the tortured women started suffering from depression. The children born by the same women were mostly disabled. More than 1400 women were abused during the last eight months, 940 out of whom were murdered, 259 were tortured physically, 271 were reported of organ mutilation, 19 were paraded naked in public, 69 were publicly slapped and 99 were harassed at public places, such as parks and bus stands.
Major incidents were that of women who felt battered in life. Moreover, most of the women, who had faced physical and mental torture, thought it better to commit suicide than suffering the agony.

Source: The Nation