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Violence against women on the rise

KARACHI – Aurat Foundation has presented its third quarterly report from July-September 2008, under the auspices of its national program titled ‘Policy ad Data Monitor on Violence against Women’.

While bringing the report in limelight, the office bearers of the foundation strongly asserted that violence against women had increased to the dangerous extent and nothing substantial was being done in order to stop the gruesome violence.

The facts and figures show that although, a large number of incidents are taking place across the country but so far as the Province of Sindh is concerned, it is tremendously targeted.

So far as the policy and law reforms are concerned, it requires lobbying and advocacy for more positive and stronger legislation; particularly in the areas of domestic violence and sexual harassment at work place.

The data follows below:

The cases collected from the government run institutes, shelter homes and crisis centres mostly relate to offences of domestic violence, which women usually do not report to the Police due to several reasons.

One of them is lack of family support and heartrending label of shame and scandalisation attached to them.

Police on their behalf do not like to meddle in the private affairs of the family.

So many cases remained unnoticed unreported for lack of any specific laws against domestic violence.

Women Protection Act introduced by (R) General Pervez Musharraf has totally failed to guarantee real security and emancipation of women.
Source: The Nation