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Video clip shows a namesake, not the suicide girl, claims DPO

DADU: Dadu DPO Javed Soonharo Jiskani said on Saturday that the nude video clip found on the Internet believed to be of a girl who committed suicide on Friday was not hers, it was another girl`s.

The DPO had earlier indicated that the video clip with the girl`s name as its title might be the main reason behind the suicide.

The 22-year-old college student who worked with a local NGO as lady health worker girl shot herself with a pistol in her bed in Taufiq Colony.

Mr Jiskani said that comparison of some snaps of the deceased and the girl in the video clip confirmed the video belonged to another girl, her namesake.

Police had collected valuable information during the probe of the case, which had led them to the gang of accused who uploaded photos and videos of girls onto the Internet, he said.

He said that the investigators were also looking into the possibility that the girl might have been murdered and wanted to interrogate the girl`s relatives.

Sources close to the family said that the girl was in love a man who was a shoe trader and was completely shattered after he refused to marry her.

SHO of Dadu Town police station, Ghulam Mohammad Memon, claimed that a shoe trader of Karachi had owned that the girl was his wife. The trader used to stay at her home and she wanted to marry him, he said.

He said that police had used technical help of two experts to reach the persons who had uploaded the nude clips.

Police had found a note purportedly left by the girl, which read “I don`t want to live this humiliating life and am committing suicide”, and recovered the pistol and an empty shell from her bed.
Source: Dawn