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US Congressman terms Pakistan ‘failed state’failed

WASHINGTON: US Congressman Daabacher said there was a growing realisation among the American congressmen that Pakistan was a failed state, media reported on Thursday.

In his letter to Pakistani Prime Minister Yusuf Raza Gilani the US senator accused Pakistanís government of misusing the aid given in order to uplift the alienated Baloch people.He added that Pakistan had reached such a stage that even Americans would not change its status of ëfailed stateí.

ìIt has become increasingly clear to members of the US Congress that Pakistan is a failed state and no amount of US aid money will ever change that.î The congressman said that if Pakistan would not give Baloch a sense of ownership- and participation, its future would continue to be a failed state.He further accused Pakistanís army and intelligence of misusing the aid on making arms and ammunition and abetting criminal terrorists.

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