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Unregistered SIMs to be blocked by Feb 1, says adviser

KARACHI, Jan 23: Adviser to the Prime Minister on Interior Affairs Rehman Malik has expressed the hope that the law and order situation in the province, particularly in Karachi, will be improved in the coming days.

Talking to newsmen after holding a meeting with Sindh Chief Minister Syed Qaim Ali Shah here on Friday, Mr Malik claimed that the overall law and order situation in Sindh, particularly in Karachi, was far better than before and the peaceful observance of Ashura was its proof.

In support of his claim, the adviser said that the incidents of kidnapping for ransom have come down while there was a 45 per cent decline in the cases of petty crime.

In reply to a question, he said that Karachi was a multiracial city where people from many other countries had also settled. Compared with New York City, he said, the crime rate in Karachi was far less. He praised the leadership of the Sindh chief minister and his team for bringing about improvement in the peace and order of the province.

Unregistered SIMs

Mr Malik said that the misuse of cellphones was one of the reasons behind occurrence of crimes. Around one million Subscribers Identity Modules (SIMs) were still unregistered and could be used in committing criminal acts, he added.

He informed newsmen that the cellphone companies had been directed to block all unregistered connections by February 1.

He said that new rules had been framed for the issuance of new SIMs which would be delivered at the residential addresses after verifying the buyers’ computerised national identity cards from the National Database Registration Authority. The interior adviser said that the use of snatched or stolen cellphones had been criminalised and the telecom service providers were asked to block such SIMs of the snatched/stolen phones on the basis of their IMEI numbers. He said this would also make the sale of snatched cellphones impossible.

Source: Dawn