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UN vows to sensitise peacekeepers on gender issues

ISLAMABAD: The UN has made a commitment to sensitising its peacekeepers on gender issues enabling them to respond more sensitively and innovatively to gender issues in crises and conflicts.

Pakistan, being one of the largest contributors to the UN peacekeeping force, is also committed to sensitising its peacekeepers. Given the deteriorating law and order situation in Pakistan, the Jinnah Institute believes it is important for not only peacekeepers but also all security personnel to undergo gender sensitisation training.

The Jinnah Institute is bringing together stakeholders for a Stakeholder Consultation on Gender and Peacekeeping today (Friday) at the Marriot Hotel. This will be a forum for Pakistani stakeholders to learn from the experience of colleagues visiting from Argentina who are actively involved in gender sensitisation work. Stakeholders from government, military, UN and local civil society organisations will also discuss policy recommendations for improving and expanding gender sensitisation activities for civil and military security forces. The Argentinean government and civil society will be sharing their experiences with the participants.

Jinnah Institute President Sherry Rehman will highlight the need for sensitising peacekeepers and security forces to gender issues. Argentenian Defence Ministry Peacekeeping Director General Alejandro Salesi will present the Argentinean government’s experience with gender sensitisation of peacekeepers.
Source: Daily Times