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U.S. Pakistan Journalism Exchange

A three-year, multi-phase program will bring 128 Pakistani media professionals to the United States and send 30 U.S. journalists to Pakistan. Journalists will study each others’ cultures as they are immersed in newsrooms in each country.

English-speaking Pakistanis will receive four-week internships at U.S. media organizations, and non-English speakers will spend half that time.

The program will be knit throughout with events and opportunities to experience U.S. life, showcasing its diversity. Similarly, the U.S. participants, who will represent the Pakistanis’ U.S. media hosts during the internships, will go to Pakistan for two-week programs during which they will learn the realities of Pakistani journalism and national life through site visits, interviews and opportunities to interact with journalists, officials and ordinary Pakistanis. ICFJ will work in conjunction with the Pakistan Press Foundation.

Participants on both sides will have opportunities to report on their experiences in each country, which will help to educate their audiences and dispel myths and misperceptions that people carry in each country about residents of the other. ICFJ will carry out the Pakistan-based activities with the assistance of a local Pakistani journalism organization, and the University of Maryland’s school of journalism will assist our U.S. activities.


* Pakistani citizen
* Bachelor’s degree
* Between 3 & 15 years of active journalistic work experience
* Currently working in the field of journalism

How to apply?

Download the application at www.usefpakistan.org. Complete application package, including academic transcripts and two letters of reference must be submitted to USEFP by close of business on Monday, Nov 22, 2010.
The United States Educational Foundation in Pakistan
P.O. Box 1128, Islamabad 4400
Email: journalism@usefpakistan.org
Phone: 051-11-11-87337, 051-8431300
Fax: 051-8431555

Source: International Center for Journalists (ICFJ)