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‘Two brothers slaughter their wives’

MULTAN, April 7: Two brothers reportedly slaughtered their wives with the help of their father due to some domestic dispute on Friday in Jehania, Khanewal district. Riaz, Abbas and their father Muhammad Sharif tied Shamim and Sadia with ropes and then slaughtered them with butcher’s knife in their house at Chak 159/10-R.

Later, Sharif surrendered to the police claiming that he alone had killed his daughters-in-law for their ‘loose morals’. The accused further claimed that Shamim and Sadia, daughters of his brother Haji Muhammad, now lives in Duniapur, had escaped sometimes back under ‘objectionable’ circumstances.

Jehania police have registered a case on the report of Haji Muhammad against Sharif and his two sons. Denying allegations leveled by the accused, the complainant said his daughters had come to him because they did not want to live with their father-in-law.

He said Riaz and Abbas mostly lived at mills where they were employed and their wives also wanted to live there with them. He said their husbands did not pay any heed to the request. He said his son Altaf had taken his sisters back to their in-laws a day before they were murdered. The sister of Riaz and Abbas is married to Altaf.

The complainant also belied the claim of accused Sharif that he was the lone killer. He alleged that the police had detained his son Altaf without assigning any reason. He said the SHO was piling pressure on him to endorse the accused statement that only he was involved in the double murder, otherwise his son would be implicated in the case. Denying that Altaf was in police custody, SHO Mehboob Ahmed Rabbani said that he did not want to talk further on the subject.

The police have yet to arrest Riaz and Abbas.

1. STABBED TO DEATH: A youth was stabbed to death over a monetary dispute in Qadir pur Raan on 14/04/2006.

Muhammad Iqbal had given some money to tailor Muhammad Asif sometimes back. Hot words were said to be exchanged when he demanded his money back. Later Asif and his accomplice Iqbal stabbed him to death.
Source: Dawn