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Twitter wars after apex court verdict

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LAHORE – Nearly one million tweets were made on social media website Twitter after the Supreme court announced the verdict that an individual disqualified under Articles 62 and 63 of the Constitution of Pakistan could not serve as head of a political party.

The short order was announced by a three-judge Supreme court (SC) bench that was headed by Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Mian Saqib Nisar.

The court issued order in response to 17 petitions that were filed against the Elections Act 2017.

Nearly one million people tweeted with hashtag #SupremeCourt on twitter followed by hashtag Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz supporters with hashtag #AwazKiZidNawazSharif. Another trend was seen soon after that ‘Na Ehal Phir Sey Na Ehal’ (Disqualified again disqualified) apparently favouring Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf point of view.

Maryam Nawaz Sharif, daughter of Nawaz Sharif, on her official twitter account tweeted, “Nawaz Sharif you won. The apex institutions of justice are not giving verdicts against you but actually presenting evidence in testimony of your stance.” In another tweet, “justice providers are also seconding the grounds on which Nawaz Sharif was served contempt of court notice”. This is the translation of Urdu statement posted on her account.

Minister of State for Power & President PML-N Punjab Youth Wing Abid Sher Ali on his official twitter account @AbidSherAli posted an Urdu poem narrating his affection for Nawaz Sharif after the court’s verdict.

A geo-political and defence analyst Lt-Gen Ghulam Mustafa (R) with twitter handle @_GhulamMustafa_ tweeted, “Supreme court restores sanctity of constitution, rule of law and most importantly, our votes. Disqualified person or person specific laws can’t be forced upon nation through tyranny of majority. Exactly according to spirit of Constitution.”

The PTI twitter handle @PTIofficial twitted “The apex court of Pakistan who maintained the Supermacy of judiciary and the respected vote of Pakistani nation has hence “Disqualified the party presidentship of disqualified Nawaz Sharif”. They even thanked the Supreme court for the verdict ‘Thank You Honourable Supreme court of Pakistan!”

Former PTI secretary general Jahangir Khan Tareen, who was disqualified from apex court as he was declared dishonest under Article 62(1)(f) of the Constitution and Section 99 of Representation of People’s Act (ROPA), from his verified account @JahangirKTareen tweeted, “The entire nation salutes honorable Supreme court on its historic judgement, barring NS from holding the post of party’s president. A proven Daku like NS should be serving his time behind the bars, instead of heading a political party & ranting “Mujhe Kyu Nikala?” Kudos to SC.”

A twitter user, Ali Khan on his @AliAmjadKhan7 said, “Supreme court has brought a much needed breath of fresh air for Pakistan”. He used a different hashtag to disseminate his point of view on social media with #PublicSupportsSCP (Supreme court of Pakistan).

PTI leader Dr Yasmin Rashid, on his twitter handle @Dr_YasminRashid, tweeted, “In another landmark judgment and one that is only quite logical, the law PML-N thought was its masterpiece, met its rightful and legal end.”

Dr Zarqa Taimur who is a PTI ticket holder, on her official twitter handle @drzarqa, said, “PML-N needs to re-issue Senate tickets”.

It is pertinent to note that after the apex court verdict a sword has been hanging on the Senate elections which are scheduled to be held on March 3. Political figures expressed their opinions on the fate of Senate elections as Supreme court in its five-page short order ruled that “all steps taken, orders passed, directions given and documents issued would be null and void”.

Awami National Party leader Bushra Gohar on her twitter handle @BushraGohar tweeted, “Scripted #PuppetShow to derail the democratic process continues-All the King’s horses & all the King’s men are out to disrupt the Senate #Elections2018-Political Party’s right to elect Party Head usurped. Reject #ControlledDemocracy”.

PTI leader Shireen Mazari(@ShireenMazari1) tweeted, “SC declares NS disqualified to hold office of head of party also! So now all the Senate party tickets he signed should be invalid too! ECP needs to move on that before 3rd March!”

Retired former chairman Department of International Relations of University of Peshawar Prof Ijaz Khan @ijazkhan tweeted, “Waiting for popular reaction – the legal debates on channels are no more relevant”

Minister of State for Interior, PML-N Member National Assembly uploaded his profile picture with an image of Nawaz Sharif with rods ‘Mein bhi Nawaz Hoon’ (I am also Nawaz). He used hashtag #NewProfilePic.

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