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TV channels: lack of quality content

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I HAVE been dismayed watching endless talk shows on TV channels in the past month or so, discussing who the new army chief should or would be.

Let these highly sensitive positions remain non-controversial by leaving these to the armed forces as they are their internal policy matter. I have a feeling that due to the mushroom growth of private channels working round the clock, they are left with hardly any topic to debate. So they have to choose and show trivial matters to the hapless citizens.

If we have come of age in democracy, why then should there be any difference in the interest shown among three services chiefs designations. Let these coveted positions remain sacred to the profession only.

Our electronic media would be well advised to have diversification in their programmes which like other international channels show programmes of a wide variety of subjects which include national and international news.

We now have dominated our TV channels with talk shows showing only a few anchors and almost fixed hosts, who only change their attire to look different.



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