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TV ad promoting insolence

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A highly shameful TV ad designed to enhance the popularity and sale of a renowned soft drink is being repeatedly shown on the television these days. Seen from the angle of family unity and discipline its contents are apt to prompt the younger clan to show disobedience to their parents. As per the scenario, a young boy is shown working in his family business office when his father enters with some files and papers and tells the boy, “I want this work to be completed before the iftari time”. Instead of showing respect for his father’s desire, the boy looks at him insolently throws all the papers in the air and runs to grab the giant size bottle of the publicised soft drink. The next moment the boy is shown lifting his father and taking him out of the room.

In the next scene the family is shown sitting at the dining table having iftari, while the dad is seen staring angrily at his son for the insult he caused. The boy is shown enjoying his soft drink completely ignoring his father’s wrath. The attitude of the boy shown in the advertisement is against our family values. We need to make commercials that bring forward our core values and teach our children better habits.


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