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Turkish TV soaps

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THESE days there is much hue and cry against the airing of Turkish dramas on a private TV channel. Actors from across the country to people in parliament were seen and heard speaking against the foreign content.

All were advocating that there must be a code of conduct imposed by Pemra against airing foreign content on the national media. They were arguing that Turkish play will spoil the youth as these are not in sync with our culture and traditions and so on.

These are all clumsy arguments. There are Indian dramas also being aired on private TV channels. Even news bulletins run the clips of Indian actors dancing to movies and songs. Besides, some Indian actor dies and all our channels have special programmes on them in prime time. Some Indian actress turns 21 years old and news channels telecast her clips.

If such content is not objectionable, why should the Turkish dramas be such then?



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