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True female empowerment


One can tell about the condition of a nation by looking at the status of its women. Empowerment of any section of a society is a myth until they are conferred equality before the law. A lot has been said about the empowerment of women in contemporary times but such empowerment is a gradual and complicated process. It involves changing the way of thinking of the whole society. Since time immemorial, it has been imprinted in the minds of everyone that women are inferior to men. It is not easy to change this stubborn attitude of people in society.

The empowerment of women is facilitated through effective provision of nutrition, education, health, gender sensitisation and elimination of all forms of violence perpetrated against women. Plenty of lip service is paid to the idea of equality between women and men but no one can deny that women have to suffer just by virtue of their gender. Women have been the victims of violence and discrimination throughout the ages in all societies, cultures and religious communities.

Efforts and attempts by the government and society can be visualised to uplift women. Education, equal job opportunities, no gender discrimination, safe working environments and female participation in politics are some of the milestones of female empowerment but, on the same page, it is a fact that daily crimes are also reaching new heights. There are rapes, murders, assaults, prostitution and what not against women. The most recent example of this is the rape case of a student in New Delhi. Women have to bear the brunt of violence, discrimination and lack of empowerment. Even in developed countries women are not relied upon to shoulder the responsibilities of a key post. Why? Are today’s women really progressing and getting empowered? Has the attitude of men towards women changed? All these questions call for answers that are somehow still missing.

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